Class Schedule

Leave your inhibitions at the door! Once you walk into Free Flow Fitness, your size, experience, and dance history doesn’t matter. We are a safe place for everyone. Free Flow is committed to promoting self confidence, and we strive to help you embrace your inner and outer beauty.

Free Flow Fitness classes cover all your various gym-related desires. While our core is pole fitness, we offer alternatives to regular fitness classes, like twerk, heels, flexibility training and more.

Above all, we make fitness fun! Check out our schedule below, reserve a drop-in spot, or purchase a multi-class pass so you can sample them all.

When you’re ready to commit to your fitness goals, become a member and watch yourself transform.

So what are you waiting for??? Go to your phone and download the GloFox app now, purchase either a membership or class credits, and then register for your first class today!

***You must register at least 2 hours prior to the class start time. Any cancellations within 12 hours of class start time will result in a loss of credit.*** 



Step 1: Purchase a class pass or membership by clicking “Memberships” below/

Step 2: Look at the class descriptions to see which class you want to attend, and check for any pre-requisites.

Step 3: Enroll!

**If you have a group that would like to attend, you are able to bring up to 3 guests. If your group is larger than that, more than 1 person will have to create an account. The maximum capacity for a class is 7 so that no one has to share poles. If you have more than 7 people interested in attending, please go to the Party Packages page to fill out a contact sheet to book a party.**

Class Pricing:

Drop In/Single Class: $20

4 Classes (expires in 30 days): $70

8 Classes (expires in 30 days): $130

12 Classes (expires in 60 days): $200

16 Classes (expires in 60 days): $250