A year ago at this time, I had registered for my last round of classes at Foxy Fit Studios. I was the last student standing and was working with the former owner on ways to keep the studio alive… if not with classes, for parties… and I started answering the phones for her. Never did I imagine that I would be the owner of the studio and be introducing women to a new era of fitness… one without judgment and without limits.

Foxy Fit Studios is more than a place I go to pole dance. It is my safe haven from the vulturous eyes of the men at the gym. It is my ability to hear music without plugging buds into my ears to avoid small talk. It is my special space where I can unabashedly look at myself in the mirror… admire myself… love ME… feel beautiful, graceful, and at times, even sexy.

When the studio was about to close, I felt all of that slipping through my fingers and jumped on the opportunity to buy the studio with my sister in spirit and a couple of investors. The studio has gone through so many growing pains over the past 7 months, and I can only imagine how many more we will experience. The ride will be bumpy, so I’m learning to hold on [to the pole] with both hands and enjoy the ride.

So…welcome to our world! A world where empowering women to embrace their curves, their femininity, their sexuality, and their strength is key. Where life goes on pause and you can dance away your woes.

Live, love, laugh, inspire…