It’s our anniversary!

I kept wanting to write this blog before the actual 1 year mark…so I told myself I was going to do it on the actual day…then…party prep happened and by the time I got home from our anniversary party, writing was not happening…my eyes were a blur and I typed more numbers than words.

*deep sigh*

Wow…the studio has gone through so many changes in the last year, and the most amazing one has been the community that has grown from nothing. Everyone who comes into the studio and gets to asking questions, knows the story…at the beginning of 2016, I was the last student left, and when the former owner was ready to close the doors in March, I impulsively made the decision—along with my business partner, Mika Cohen, and a detailed SWOT analysis—to find an investor to help me purchase the studio and save my safe-haven.

Mika and I had no clue what we were doing, what it took to run a business, and by October of the same year, people were wondering when we were going to just give up. Well…we have staying power and had faith in what we were building: a community of women who come together to empower each other to try new things, reach new heights, and gain a strength and love for themselves that they never dreamed imaginable.

We are each other’s cheerleaders, motivators, inspiration. Women have come to tears in the studio (or in their car on the way home) because they are not only facing a new fitness regimen in their lives, they are facing every negative thought they have ever had about themselves, and are coming to terms with a new realization that they are perfect the way they are.

Society tells us that we are not enough…that we need to apply makeup, spend hours in the gym, diet (I shudder at the word), and if all else fails, get plastic surgery to achieve the “look.” Foxy Fit Studios has you look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are enough. Do not look at the girl to the right or the left of you and compare yourself to them…look to yourself and challenge the woman within you. Challenge her to love herself, grow herself, and realize that taking on healthy habits is way more important than what society tells you to be.

Thank you to every single one of you that has stepped foot inside Foxy Fit Studios. We hope to continue to grow and challenge you to love yourself and embrace your strength and natural talents. We love you!